Terms and conditions Promotion of “RIPIO SELECT JUNE AND JULY 2023”.

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Terms and conditions applicable to the Promotion of
“RIPIO SELECT PROMO JUNE AND JULY 2023” available until July 21 2023.

OTCIS LLC (“RIPIO SELECT” or the "Companies"), hereinafter "Organizer", present the following documents that generally govern the "Promotion Ripio Select” June/July 2023, hereinafter "The Promotion".

It is the obligation of the user/participant to know these documents and their acceptance is required in each of the platforms, applications, programs, activations that will take place within the framework of the actions of "The Promotion".

The user/participant declares to be of legal age, and legally capable to accept this document, and to be bound in what corresponds to him, likewise, declares and accepts that the Promotion is voluntary of RIPIO SELECT, which can be suspended or canceled at any time, without prior notice.

By accepting the terms and conditions and these documents, it is understood that the Participants release the Promotion Organizer from any responsibility for situations that may be caused by their use or participation. In addition, there are causes in which participants can be disqualified or excluded, at the discretion of the Organizer, when any type of fraud, non-compliance, deceit, among others, is detected.

The user/participant registers in The Promotion, declares that they have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions, and agrees that their participation in the Promotion is subject to what is stipulated in the subsequent clause and to the applicable current legislation. .

The following are the terms and conditions applicable to the Promotion:


  1. Only for a one single trade/trade after 90 days of no trades will be profitable in USDC according to the trade values.

SECOND. -Scope:

The Promotion will be developed solely and exclusively for users who have complete "onboarding" of the companies RIPIO SELECT (OTCIS LLC), and only in authorized territories or jurisdictions.

THIRD. - Promotion:

During the Promotion time, only the following registered and authorized users with KYC, may participate for the following benefit:


Scope: RIPIO SELECT users who have not carried out operations in the last 90 days.


1. To obtain the benefit, the user must register on the Ripio Select Platform, and be registered, with complete "onboarding" and authorized to operate.
2. The user must accept these Terms and Conditions of the Promotion, and the Terms and Conditions of Ripio Select.
3. Users who in the last 90 days have not made any transaction or negotiation with The Companies.

4. The benefit is granted when the user carries out the first negotiation or operation with one of the "Companies", after 90 days of inactivity or without carrying out negotiation operations, and the user has enabled a Vault or custody mechanism activated with Ripio Select.
5. The user must assume the tax if applicable.

Benefit: RIPIO SELECT will grant autonomously and during the validity of the following benefits, in accordance with the following:
1. Operations between and over  USD $10,000 will benefit from an accreditation of USDC 50  [for a single trade, not cumulative].

FOURTH. Condition to participate in the promo.

Participation is valid for users/participants who meet the following characteristics (the "Participant):

1. Natural/physical persons or legal entities that meet the onboarding requirements of Ripio Select and the conditions referred to in these promotional terms and conditions.

Any violation of what is stipulated herein will imply its exclusion and/or its revocation.

FIFTH. Disqualification:

They will be automatically disqualified from the Promotion and will not be able to be creditors of the benefit, the participants who are in any of the following causes:

  1. Participants who do not comply with the terms and conditions of the Promotion contained in this document.
  2. The participant who does not have a valid identification document for any of the "Companies" in which they have authorized onboarding.
  3. Participants who act fraudulently or criminally in the opinion of RIPIO SELECT and in accordance with the laws of the country that corresponds to the "Companies", which applies according to jurisdiction or territory.
  4. Participants who have carried out a deceptive or fraudulent maneuver to increase the chances of obtaining benefits.
  5. Any act of fraud or defrauding of the Platform or of the Organizer is detected, or false or third-party information is provided.
  6. Participants who have provided false, incorrect, incomplete or untrue information.
  7. Participants who issue messages of inappropriate, offensive or obscene content on any RIPIO SELECT social network, as well as messages that attack sponsoring brands or community users on said social networks and any in which the brand participates.
  8. Participants who identify themselves as senders of information through profiles of dubious origin.
  9. If the data provided by the winner does not match those verified by RIPIO SELECT.
  10. In case of carrying out fraudulent maneuvers consisting of alliances with other participants, those involved will be immediately disqualified and will not be accepted in future activities.
  11. Use any type of emulator to enter the Promotion, either on PC or use tricks, xploits, hacks or any other malicious element that may affect the good performance of the Promotion.

RIPIO SELECT reserves the right to make statements and decisions on matters that are not specifically provided for in the rules, in order to maintain fair competition.

RIPIO SELECT reserves the right to change the rules at any time during the Promotion and/or to request proof of the authenticity of the participants and their participation in the competition.

SIXTH.- Additional Conditions:

  1. RIPIO SELECT is not responsible for any errors that may occur on the Internet platform, nor for failures in the user's Internet connection, nor for failures in the Promotion's social networks that in one way or another have influenced and affected the possibility of the user to participate in the competition.
  2. RIPIO SELECT is exonerated from all responsibility in the event of a malfunction of the web platform, mail servers and the platforms involved, or due to an incorrect transmission of information that prevents the normal development of the Promotion.
  3. RIPIO SELECT reserves the right to block from their official profile any participating user who in any of the digital channels incurs in any of the scenarios of the sixth clause of this document.
  4. RIPIO SELECT reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the promo in the event of well-founded reasons of force majeure, fortuitous event, or third party events, such as natural disasters, wars, strikes or riots, as well as situations that affect the Promotion; or in the event of detecting fraud or attempted fraud to the detriment of the organizers or participants thereof without assuming any responsibility in this regard.
  5. Participants are responsible for periodically reviewing the Promotion rules to be aware of possible modifications and to avoid any misunderstanding.
  6. It is the responsibility of the participants to make the registration that guarantees their participation.
  7. Participants are responsible for not committing violations of the regulations.
  8. These terms and conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the following regulations and jurisdictions: To OTCIS LLC. according to Florida laws..

Claims Process

For help, reports or support before and during the Promotion, you must use the communication channel provided directly in the Help Center in RIPIO SELECT (Web or App).

Exclusion of liability

The Organizer is not responsible in the following circumstances, as long as it is in accordance with the applicable law:

The breach of its obligations, when such total or partial breach occurs due to causes or circumstances constituting force majeure or fortuitous event, qualified in accordance with the applicable law.

Expenses that are not specified within the benefit. In any case, the user must assume all corresponding taxes.

Failure to comply with its obligations for causes attributable to the Participant.

Taxes and/or unspecified expenses will be the responsibility of the Participants.


The Promotion will be valid from June 21, 2023 to July 21, 2023 at 23:59:59 (USA - EST (Florida - GMT-4). The actions that are carried out by the participants of the Promotion outside this period of time, will not have any impact on the results of the Promotion, so they do not generate the possibility of demanding any type of benefit or prize offered in the Promotion.

RIPIO SELECT reserves the right to modify the dates, or even extend them, likewise, it may make modifications to the Terms and Conditions if it is considered necessary.

RIPIO SELECT may immediately suspend the Promotion, without assuming any responsibility if crimes, fraud or any irregularity are detected in the way of participating, or in the behavior of any of the Participants, during the Validity; or any circumstance of force majeure that affects the interests or good faith of RIPIO SELECT arises.

The maximum amount and limit of benefits to be granted for the entire campaign are USD 5,000 (apply  to numeral 3.1). The promotion will end at the end of the term, that is, on July 21, 2023 or upon reaching the maximum amount and benefit limit referred to.


In compliance with current regulations (hereinafter "Ripio Select" or the "Companies"), acting in its capacity as Data Controller, informs you that by accepting this document, you authorize in a prior, express, unequivocal and informed manner RIPIO SELECT, and/or any present or future assignee or beneficiary of its obligations and rights, to process your personal information for the fulfillment of the following purposes:

  1. Verify your identity by any including the use of any legitimate external source, such as: third parties, public or private databases, public records, operators of financial, commercial or other information.
  2. Authorize the processing of biometric data, especially that of film or photographic shots for the purposes of implementing and using security systems and identity validation.
  3. Marketing: We may analyze and use your information to better understand the use of our products and to identify other products or services of RIPIO SELECT or third parties that may be of interest to you, and we may share your information within the Company for these purposes. We may also use and share your Personal Information within RIPIO SELECT so that we and our business partners can contact you directly to inform you about RIPIO SELECT products, services, offers, promotions, events, marketing and market research, and other valuable information. and/or third parties, through mail, telephone, email and/or Internet Content Publishing Services and Tools, among others. We will not share your Personal Information with third parties outside of RIPIO SELECT for marketing purposes without your express consent.
  4. When you establish a relationship with RIPIO SELECT and during the contractual relationship, we may use, obtain, verify, share and exchange Personal Information about you with third parties, including: credit bureaus, National Registry of Civil Status, information operators, entities of control, our parent company, its subsidiaries, subordinates, etc., as well as any other entity permitted or required by law. We can do this during the term of the relationship we have with you and we can continue to disclose your information with the aforementioned entities even after the contractual relationship ends, within the limits established by law. You may not withdraw your consent to such disclosure.
  5. Configure, manage and offer products that meet your needs, through messages (SMS and MSM) to your mobile phone and/or through email, postal mail, landline or cell phone, social networks, instant messaging applications or any other means of contact of the owner, attend to any request, complaint or claim or demand.
  6. Associate, link, complete, consult, link, bind, use, relate, gather, gather information related to your digital identity and reputation available in the digital environment, including instant messaging services and applications in any digital format, content social networks, mobile and wearable devices and in general, that information related to your interaction on websites, applications, content.
  7. Comply with legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable to us.
  8. Respond to a court order, demand, local or foreign petition that is legally valid, or to comply with the instructions issued by a national or foreign competent authority.
  9. Manage and assess risks.
  10. Investigate and adjudicate claims or grievances
  11. To prevent or detect fraud or criminal activity or to manage and resolve any actual or potential loss in connection with crime or fraud.
  12. Report, communicate or allow access to the information provided by you or that available to you to:
    a) About credit, financial, commercial or service risk centers, or to other financial entities, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

    b) To third parties that, as national or foreign providers, in the country or abroad, of technological, logistic, collection, accounting, tax, security or general support services, may have access to the information provided. for you

    c) To the public authorities that, in the exercise of their competence and with legal authorization, request it, or before which it is appropriate to file a complaint, demand, call for arbitration, complaint or claim.

    d) To any other natural or legal person whom you expressly authorize.

  13. Access, consult, compare, monitor, update and evaluate all the information about you that is stored in the databases of any judicial or security record center, of a state or private, national or foreign nature, or any database commercial or services.

    Monitoring: monitor your transactions, usage habits or behavior, unusual operations, to prevent or detect fraud or crimes such as money laundering or financing of terrorist activities. In order to achieve these purposes, I authorize the following treatments:

    a) Know, store and process all the information provided by you in one or several databases, in the format deemed most convenient.

    b) Know, store, record, process and monitor all the information provided by you verbally or in writing through any channel established by RIPIO SELECT which may be used, including, as evidence in any complaint, claim, conciliation or demand.

    c) Catalog, classify, divide or separate the information provided by you.

    d) Verify, corroborate, verify, validate, monitor, investigate or compare the information provided by you, with any information that is legitimately available, including that known by our parent company, its affiliates or subsidiaries.

    e) Analyze, process, evaluate, treat or compare the information provided by you or collected by RIPIO SELECT through interaction on digital platforms related to the Company. The same authorizations that you granted will apply to the data resulting from analysis, processing, evaluation, treatment and comparison.

    f) Your Personal Information may be collected, used, disclosed and stored, transferred and transmitted to jurisdictions outside the national territory. Our parent company, its subsidiaries and subsidiaries, as well as suppliers and allies may be located in different jurisdictions. Your Personal Information may be transferred or transmitted for any of the purposes described above with our suppliers and allies, including our parent company, its affiliates, subordinates that operate inside or outside the national territory. Additionally, your Personal Information may be accessible to competent authorities in accordance with local laws and regulations.

    g) Likewise, I declare that I understand and state that I have been informed by RIPIO SELECT of the following:

    1. That it is optional to answer questions regarding sensitive data or minors.

    2. That you may revoke your consent and exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of your personal data, in the following service channels:

    a) Internet: www.ripio.com/select, through the "Help Center" or "Help Center"; as well as the chat or widget of the same web page.

    c) By email: select@ripio.com

    3. That personal data will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy or Privacy Policy that can be consulted at www.ripio.com/select

    4. That you will have the duty to inform any necessary modification, change or update and will be responsible for the consequences of not having timely and comprehensively warned about any necessary modification, change or update.

NINETH. Information of the person responsible for the information: the Companies, with main address at:


OTC Investment Solutions LLC

2980 NE 207th St - Suite 307, Aventura, FL 33180, Florida, USA

Jurisdiction: Florida, under the lay of Florida State.